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10 Motivating Mantras to Empower Your Life

by: Jaime Hollander
23rd March - 2021 / 6 min read

Repeat after us: Anything is possible.

Body, Meet Mind

A mantra is a motivating chant that acts as a tool of the mind to help us slow down, focus our intention, and use words to power our way forward.

We know you can’t do a KINRGY class 24 hours a day, and for those moments outside of class — consider the following mantras. Mantras help to manifest greatness in your workout, your daily life, and your future. Think it, do it, manifest it.

Own Your Life With These KINRGY Mantras

1. How I do anything is how I do everything.
Give your best always — in the big things and the little things. The more you give the more you get. Carrying these simple words forward in your life will help you to maximize each and every moment.

2. It’s not about perfection, it’s about expression.
Sometimes, you just need to take that first step. So, you think you’re not the world’s greatest dancer? Just have fun with it! Give yourself permission to be exactly who you are, dance and move like nobody’s watching, and enjoy the freedom that comes with it!

3. I embrace the Joy of Transformation.
Change is constant. Even if you can’t see it everyday, it’s happening. And if you are seeing and experiencing it, change can feel scary and unknown. But if you surrender to the idea that all things are happening for you, not to you, you can instead embrace the uncertainty and celebrate your evolution towards your best, most authentic self.

“If you surrender to the idea that all things are happening for you, not to you, you can instead embrace the uncertainty and celebrate your evolution towards your best, most authentic self.”

4. I surrender my mind to my body.
Your body holds deep inner wisdom that lies beyond the content of your mind. When your thoughts are racing, take a moment to breathe into your belly and feel into any sensations in your body. These sensations are key signals to unlocking your true needs.

5. I AM ________.
Bold. Strong. Resilient. Growing. Define who you want to be. “I AM” statements are a powerful way to speak to yourself with purpose. Try KINRGY CARVE and experience how to embody this mantra with fierce intention.

6. What would my inner child do?
When faced with a decision that prompts you to analyze, judge, or worry about the outcome, ask yourself: What would my inner child do? Children don’t overthink. They act with instinct and pure intention. Use this mantra to invite more fun and PLAY into your life!

7. I am the creator of my own life.
Yes. You. Are. Your perception is your reality. Change your perspective and change your life. Quiet the outside noise and focus on where you’re going and why. YOU create your own journey.

8. Anything is possible.
Believe it and you can achieve it, be it, create it. Release the things that aren’t serving you – negative emotions, limiting beliefs, past conditioning –and expand into the realm of possibilities.

9. If I do what I’ve always done, I’ll get what I’ve always had.
Use this mantra to tap into your inner confidence and strength to break old patterns. If you want something to change you have to take action and do things differently. (And we know you can do it!)

10. Change my energy, change my life.
Everything is made up of energy, including us – and energy never dies. Instead, it keeps recycling and moving in and out of form. In moments when things aren’t going as planned, change your energy and see what happens. By taking deep breaths, remembering something that made you laugh, or lending a hand, you can change your energy and change the outcome.

The Added Benefit

While mantras are a simple way to connect to your truest self, they can also help you strengthen your relationships in the world around you. Mantras help ground you in the present, while also helping you visualize your future. This alone can change the way you interact with others, the way you appreciate everyday moments, and the kind of energy you put out into the world.

Yes, Mantras Really Work
Just think: what you do for your body, you should do for your mind. If you see the value in physical exercise, then discover the value of mental exercise to reach optimal energetic health.

Throughout time, neuroscientists have proved that repeating mantras for peace, clarity, or energy can have a profound impact on your life. When your mental practice of repeating a mantra goes hand-in-hand with your physical practice like KINRGY, the results are undeniable.

Think it. Repeat it. Be it.

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Jaime Hollander