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Defining The Masculine and The Feminine Energies

by: Jasmine Ivanna Espy
29th March - 2021 / 5 min read

What are Masculine and Feminine Energies?

Feminine Energy
Feminine energy is rooted in nurturance, intuition, and creation. This energy is important because it supports us in not only taking care of others but also ourselves. Feminine energy is all about being in the here and now, surrendering to the unknown, and going with the flow.

Feminine energy is magnetic. Like a spider building its web to catch food, feminine energy creates what is necessary without push, then subsequently attracts abundance. Are you unnecessarily pushing and trying to control things, or are you surrendering to the process and trusting the natural flow of creation?

Some adjectives associate with feminine energy: intuitive, receptive, reflective, creative, nurturing, trusting.

Masculine Energy
Masculine energy loves structure and rules. This energy supports the logical portion of the brain that helps us focus on what we wish to achieve and how to take action.

Think of masculine energy as the energy of a Fortune 500 company – ahead of the trends, on top of the game, and always working towards a goal. This enables us to turn our dreams into reality through tangible action. What are your goals and how are you going to get there?

Some adjectives associate with masculine energy: logical, structured, responsible, assertive, focused, driven.

Defining The Masculine and The Feminine Energies

What happens if they aren’t balanced?

Masculine and feminine energy need each other – without the other they are incomplete. It’s like the sun and moon, yin and yang, salt and pepper. With this being said, these energies can become imbalanced and create unhealthy domination or suppression in both ourselves and our relationships.

When your masculine energy is imbalanced, you may feel rigid, stressed, overworked, and burnt out. When your feminine energy is imbalanced, you may feel unsupported, suppressed, and pressured to take care of everyone else before yourself.

How to tap into each energy and find balance

Some ways to tap into feminine energy are as follows:

1. Self-reflection – Take time to journal, scan your body, or simply pause and take a breath to help you deepen your intuition and tap into your feminine energy. Reflecting on how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually can help you understand your needs and how you can further take care of yourself.

2. Creativity – Find a way to be creative, whether that be through painting, writing a poem, photography, or simply dancing around in your room! Creative expression supports your flow state, which correlates to your feminine energy.

3. Be playful – Play, which is also a pillar of the KINRGY method, helps you access feelings of joy and positivity while nurturing your inner child. Being playful also helps you step into the female energy of the unknown. The unknown is where you exercise your imagination and expand your understanding of what’s possible for yourself, others, and the world around you.

Some ways to tap into masculine energy:

1. Take action – Is there a goal you’ve been meaning to accomplish that you haven’t yet? Your masculine energy might just be out of alignment. To restore it, practice taking action on small tasks you have yet to complete. It could be something as simple as folding your laundry or doing the dishes. Completing these simple tasks will spark momentum in increasing your masculine energy.

2. Exercise – Because the act of “doing” is a part of masculine energy, exercising or working up a sweat can be a great way to tap into that energy. Studies show that exercise lowers anxiety and depression and restores chemical balance for increased mood, and therefore increased drive and motivation.

3. Be assertive – Assertiveness tends to have a negative connotation, however, assertiveness can mean healthily speaking up for yourself, inserting your opinion, or taking charge to ensure your needs are met and your voice is heard.

“As you navigate your ever-changing relationships with others and within yourself, keeping in mind the value, validity, and ubiquitous presence of both masculine and feminine energies—and how they influence you on a deep, emotional level—will serve you well.”

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Jasmine Ivanna Espy