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Full Flower Moon: Find Your Flow, Bloom and Flourish

by: Nikki Niestemski
25th May - 2021 / 4 min read

This month’s full Flower Moon invites you to find your flow and bloom into all that you are.

The Moon reminds us to connect into our own cyclical rhythm and weed out the people or things that are inhibiting our growth. It’s a time of letting go, getting clear on your path and creating space to flourish!

May’s full Moon is known as the “flower” moon because it’s when flowers blossom across North America, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Even though Mercury is in retrograde May 29th through June 22nd, you can still find your way towards the sun and blossom.

On Wednesday, May 26th, during the early hours of the morning, the full Flower Moon will become completely immersed in Earth’s dark umbral shadow, producing the first total lunar eclipse since January 2019. 

The energy is powerful right now, so if you’re feeling a lot of emotions rise and dramatically fall, you are not alone. Lunar eclipses are known for revealing what’s in the shadows, and this one could shine a light on truths that have been buried in the vault. Stay brave and be willing to take a deep dive into some aspects of yourself and your life that you may have been avoiding. Try taking this KINRGY CONNECT class to create a space for you to honor all parts of your being.

“Even when you feel small, depleted or empty, that is simply the waxing and waning of your light – but just like the moon, you are always whole and luminous.”

If you would like more guidance and someone to hold space for this auspicious time of ceremony, join Guide Nikki on Tuesday May 25th at 6pm PST for a virtual full Moon Circle – you can sign up here.

What is a Moon Circle?

Women’s Circles, specifically Moon Circles, are known throughout history and a variety of cultures that can offer connection, empowerment, and support while honoring the Divine Feminine in us all. Come gather under the power of the full Flower Moon and connect with ladies on the same wavelength. In yoga, they say we can accelerate on the path when we surround ourselves with like-minded beings. Similar to how KINRGY creates space for self-awareness and expression, Moon Circles are a beautiful space to dive inwards, share and deepen your ability to transform.

What To Expect From Guide Nikki’s Full Moon Circle

Ecstatic Dance – dress comfy enough to move freely and leave your inhibitions and judgments at the door. You can get down or lay down – there is nothing to get right because you can’t get it wrong!

Meditation & Journaling – create space to self-reflect and shine light on all parts of yourself in a safe and supportive space.

A Safe Space to Share – The space will remain open for women to share their experiences and feel seen, heard and understood. There are no requirements to share, your presence is always enough.

If you’re ready to deepen your connection to your sacred self and connect to a sisterhood of open hearted women, this is for you. 

This is priced at a sliding scale so all are able to attend. 

However you choose to honor this full Flower Moon, ensure that you take time to slow down and be gentle with yourself so that you can stay nourished as you continue to let go and let in. Just like the moon, you move in cycles. Even when you feel small, depleted or empty, that is simply the waxing and waning of your light – but just like the moon, you are always whole and luminous.

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Nikki Niestemski