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How To Ground Yourself and Feel More At Ease

by: Jaime Hollander
29th March - 2021 / 8 min read

It’s not a super fun experience, feeling ungrounded. You feel like you’re walking through a swirling vortex of chaos. Or maybe it’s a little more subtle — you’re distracted or feeling “off.” While this isn’t an uncommon experience, it’s not always an enjoyable place to be.

To truly show up for ourselves and others, we need to find a way to ground ourselves.

What is grounding? Imagine yourself as a tree. The deeper your roots, the more stable you are, the better you’re able to stand tall when the wind picks up, and the storm threatens to knock you down..

6 Signs You’re Feeling Ungrounded
If you don’t feel like yourself, there’s a good chance you aren’t grounded! Here are 6 signs that you’re ungrounded.

#1. You’re distracted. Do you notice yourself struggling to get things done? Are you having a hard time staying present within a conversation? When the distraction seems to take on a mind of its own, you need to pause and check-in with yourself.

#2. You’re overthinking. Overthinking starts to creep in when you aren’t standing in your personal power. If you’re overthinking how someone received that last text message, what you’re going to do with the rest of your life or anything else that is causing you to run wild in your brain, it’s time for you to take a few deep belly breaths and figure out what’s up.

#3. You’re taking on the experiences of other people. If you notice that you’re starting to carry the drama of the people around you, you likely aren’t grounded in your own truth and emotions. Send that drama back where it came from while saying the mantra, “That’s not mine.”

#4. You feel anxious and worried. Anxiety and worry are rooted in fear of what has happened and what’s to come. They are a clear indicator that you aren’t present within the now. With worries, figure out the root cause and find solutions.

#5. You can’t sleep or feel fatigued. Fatigue and sleep struggles are just the worst. If you’re struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, you’re likely to feel fatigued during the day. Get to the root of your struggles to cultivate restful sleep — find a way to feel rooted in yourself.

#6. You’re experiencing inflammation or pain. While we aren’t doctors, we know that all sorts of things can trigger inflammation and pain. On a more energetic level, inflammation and pain can be a sign of something happening in the mind and body that is manifesting as an immune response.

Now that you know what to look for when you’re feeling out-of-sorts, let’s peek at some strategies to help you get grounded right now.

“When you’re fully grounded, you’re present and connected with your authentic self. When you become the tree, rooted in the Earth, rooted in your truth, the overthinking and drama seem to melt away because you’re standing in your power, trusting that in this moment, you are enough exactly as you are.”


connect to your authentic self

5 Simple Strategies To Get Grounded Right Now
If you need to clear and recharge your mind, strengthen your intuition, and calm your emotions, we’ve got some powerful tools for you to implement right now. Each of these practices brings you closer to the KINRGY state — an optimal state for deep, energetic awareness and transformation. This is where true growth happens!

#1. Check-in with yourself. Spend two to three minutes breathing into your belly, eyes closed, and “scanning” your body. When you scan your body, you’re moving from body part to body part in your awareness and practicing the art of noticing. Remember, you are both the thing and the observer. Do you notice any aches and pains? Does anything feel off? Do you notice any tension or sensations of stress that you’re holding onto? Stress might feel like a lump in your throat or a tightness in your chest. Release it through the power of your breath and loving intention.

#2. Take a time out. No, you aren’t in trouble. You’re prioritizing yourself! Turn off your phone, your electronics, and your notifications. Sit. Breathe. Do something that enables you to release what you’re carrying. Listen to music. Drink tea. Notice the world around you. The options are limitless when it comes to finding a way to pause and be in the moment with yourself.

#3. Observe your breath. You can do this by either sitting or standing. And then… breathe. As you breathe in, notice the sensations in your nose, in your chest. And then follow the breath up and out, mentally tracing your breath as it exits your body. If it’s challenging to follow your breath, that’s ok. Don’t force it. Some days are easier — or more difficult — than others, regardless of how long you’ve been doing this. For support with your breathwork, try a KINGRY CONNECT class.

#4. Anchor yourself with a visualization. Ground yourself in an elemental meditation. Be a tree! Stand with your feet parallel and hip-width apart. Rest your arms at your side. Imagine that you’re pouring your roots down into the Earth through the act of shaking your body out. Shake that tension away. Allow your arms to flop around if you want. While you shake, feel your feet rooted on the floor. Feel the weight of your body pressing down through your feet, yet light and lifted through the crown of your head. Imagine your “roots” growing and extending deeply below you. Through the floor. Into the soil. Breathe and keep growing for the next five to ten minutes.

#5. Walk barefoot in nature. Get back to the “root” of what it is to be human. Humans thrive in nature. With your toes digging into the dirt, feel yourself connecting with the sounds and sensations. What do you notice? Is the ground cold or hot? Do you hear birds, water, or wind? Allow your body to feel supported by nature, a natural stress reducer.

Harness The Power Of Your Mind
When you’re fully grounded, you’re present and connected with your authentic self. When you become the tree, rooted in the Earth, rooted in your truth, the overthinking and drama seem to melt away because you’re standing in your power, trusting that in this moment, you are enough exactly as you are.

You feel at home. Home becomes a place inside of you.

The more you practice, the better you get at returning to a state of stability, security, and groundedness. When things start to spiral, you can step into your breath, into your mind, and take control over your perspective and life. At least until the next time you start to float away from the Earth! Harnessing your breath and grounding yourself is a constant practice. A necessary tool in your life journey toolbelt.

Welcome home to your own skin.
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Jaime Hollander