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How To Support India During COVID-19

by: Rebekah Rinehart
4th May - 2021 / 2 min read

The world is calling us to listen: India needs our help.

One of our values here at KINRGY is curiosity. It allows us to explore, discover, grow and experience the world and our purpose in it. And right now, the world is calling us to listen: India needs our help.

India’s culture and people are the keepers of so many of our daily practices, rituals, traditions, and teachings — we must do what we can to protect and support the nation, which is currently the global epicenter of the pandemic. Amisha Ghadiali said these heart-felt words, which align with how we feel here at KINRGY:

“One of the beautiful aspects of modern life is that we have the ability to learn from each other and be inspired from cultures all over the world – that we live in a time of interconnectedness. Indian culture has inspired so many to live a life of deeper truth, health and freedom… True interconnectedness means we show up when we can in whatever ways we can, in solidarity.”

Here’s how you can show up for India right now:

1. Amplify. Amplify social media accounts of creators, artists, and activists who are using their voice and platform to share resources and/or are seeking help and aid.

2. Donate. We have created a list of spaces below that accept international currency efforting services and equipment to support India.

3. Educate. When you have the space to do so, we invite you to continuously do the work to deepen your awareness of what is happening on the ground in India.

4. Activate. If you feel called, you can also sign this petition for the US to lift the embargo on exporting vaccine raw materials to India.


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Rebekah Rinehart