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by: Anna Dickson
27th May - 2021 / 5 min read

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Trying something new is always a challenge – especially a new type of workout. But if you never try you will never know how much you might love it.

We invite you to step outside the confines of traditional fitness, let go of your inhibitions and unlock your fullest expression with KINRGY – Expanded Fitness by Julianne Hough.

Take this KINRGY X class with Founder Julianne Hough for your first introduction to the magic.

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What is KINRGY?

KINRGY is a whole-self fitness practice that utilizes movement, breathwork, and expression to nurture your mind, body and spirit. 

Our founder, Julianne Hough, created KINRGY in 2018 as a method to help unlock self-expression and freedom amidst an oftentimes stressful, suppressed, and perfectionistic world. Breaking away from traditional fitness classes that focus on perfection, KINRGY instead encourages authentic expression, emotional healing, play and personal transformation – from the inside-out. Through expressive movement, breathwork, strength training and conscious intention, KINRGY breaks through the limiting beliefs in your mind, unlocks the authentic power within your body, and ignites your fullest, energetic expression.

KINRGY is breaking the old confines of traditional fitness – it’s not about perfection. It’s about expression. 

About The Method

Our brand is centralized around our signature method, KINRGY X, designed by Award-Winning Choreographer, Julianne Hough. KINRGY X takes you through an invigorating journey of dance, breathwork, visualization and meditation to foster a sense of freedom as you sweat, sculpt, release and ignite your most powerful and authentic self. 

KINRGY X combines conscious intention with expressive movement to clear stagnant emotions, stress and energy stored within your body. Emotion = energy in motion. In order to express emotion, you must move with intention and put your energy into motion. 

“Whatever I am going through – the stress, the heartache, the frustration – or if I’m just craving more play,  I always return to my body because that is where I can release and be free. KINRGY reminds us to let go of perfection and get back to our body’s most natural form: expression. It’s there that we can be our best selves.” -Julianne, Founder 

When you do KINRGY, you may experience physical responses such as crying, sweating, shaking, or laughing. This simply means that emotion – energy in motion – is actively releasing from your body. As we move our bodies with conscious intention, we encourage the release of sound through screaming, sighing, laughing, and authentic emotional expression. 

As you practice KINRGY consistently, you begin to tune into the sensations and feedback from within your body, release stagnant energy and emotions and increase your sense of presence and flow.

Try All Our Modalities 

Our innovative classes help you clear stagnant emotions and energy within the body and mind – all while toning your body and raising your heart rate.

KINRGY X is a full-body immersive experience, taking you through a journey of dance, meditation, breathwork and strength training to transform your mind, body and energy.

KINRGY CARVE uses your body weight and resistance to tone your muscles, move stagnant energy and expand your belief of what’s possible.

KINRGY CONNECT  calms your mind, recalibrates your system and purifies your life force energy through the power of breathwork and meditation.

Whether you want to sweat it out, or just take a deep breath, we’ve got you covered. 

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How to use the code:

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  2. On the same device, go to your email and verify your account, then re-sign in on KINRGY (if you are on a desktop, you will not need to re-sign in).
  3. Select the KINRGY class of your choice and click “Join Now.” Remember what class you selected as the code will only work for that class.
  4. Select “Pay Per Class” then click “Pay and Join”
  5. At checkout, enter code MOVETOEXPRESS in the discount code field. Ensure you see $0 in your cart.
  6. Return to the class you selected and join! Code is good for one class per person. 
Welcome to the age of Expanded Fitness.
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Anna Dickson

Movement Artist and Wellness Educator