KINRGY Journal

Understanding the Fire Element

by: Anna Dickson
6th February - 2021 / 4 min read

The Fire element represents energy and illumination. It propels movement, drives action, sparks our mental capacities, and powers our perceptive abilities. 

“Fires” are passionate, bold, and motivated to take action.

Fires are naturally dynamic and courageous. Their spontaneity compliments their need for variety and adventure, and their enthusiasm never fails to fuel their zest for life.

Fires typically have a medium build and tend to be more muscular. They love moving and working out and are the most competitive of the bunch. Because of this, they need to remember to make time to relax and restore to avoid burnout.

Fires naturally have a lot of heat in their body which can flare up in acne, rashes, inflammation, redness and burning sensations. They have a strong digestive system and crave spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol, but should try to stick with more cooling foods like coconut and mint.

Fires are extremely motivated and driven, but their lesson is to let go of perfection and enjoy the beauty of internal peace.

When Fires are in balance, their energy is clear, passionate and powerful. Their life is alive with direction, bringing out their natural abilities to lead compassionately and effectively. When Fires are out of balance, their critical nature can flare up, fueling their anger. They can become controlling, impatient, and domineering.

Balancing your Fire element

 Fire needs cooling.

Your Fire Body needs to eat cool, juicy, sweet, and bitter foods. An alkaline, plant-based diet is ideal. Your optimal foods list includes – salads, coconuts, berries, cucumbers, mint, parsley, basil, quinoa, couscous, coconut oil, and ghee. Drinking aloe vera juice is beneficial. Avoid tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and potatoes. Lunch should be your biggest meal of the day. Keep your body cool; use fans at home, dress light in cotton clothes, and moisturize with coconut oil.

Your Fire Mind needs to cool down. Relax. Release anger or frustration through exercise and calming movements like tai chi or yoga (not hot yoga). Keep your stress level low, by taking 5 min breaks throughout your workday. Hold child’s pose for tension release before bed.

Your Fire Soul needs cooling breath meditation, guided visualizations about water: rivers flowing and ocean sounds, and present moment practices. Surrender. Take meditative walks in nature near shaded trees or bodies of water. Your essential oils include peppermint, camomile, lavender, rose, and neroli.

Your FIRE sense therapy: Flowing dance, KINRGY CONNECT, cooling breath, viewing photography, film, and art

Your FIRE Ayurvedic Dosha: Pitta

Your FIRE sense: Vision, sight

Your FIRE sense organs: Eyes, feet

Your FIRE sound frequency: 639Hz – 528Hz

Your FIRE Chakra: Solar Plexus

Your FIRE gems: Yellow Calcite, Tiger’s Eye

Your FIRE essential oil: Neroli

Your FIRE sound: OM, RAM

Your FIRE hand Mudra: Middle finger

Your FIRE moon phase: Full moon

Your FIRE taste: Pungent, sour, salty

Your FIRE color: Red

Your FIRE season: Summer

DEEPER DIVE: The qualities of FIRE are hot, light, dry, and sharp

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Anna Dickson

Movement Artist and Content Creator