KINRGY Journal

Understanding and Connecting to the Element of Water

by: Anna Dickson
8th February - 2021 / 4 min read

The element of Water helps us nurture our playfulness, unlock our creativity and find our flow.

The Water element reminds us to embrace our empathic, sentimental nature and surrender to the ebbs and flows of our emotions. Water also encourages us to dive into our sensuality with pure and clear intention, and invites us to tap into our playful, child-like wonderment.

Key words associated with Water:

  • Cohesion
  • Permission
  • Play
  • Sensuality
  • Flow 

If Water is high on your elemental constitution, you are naturally empathetic, nurturing and intuitive. You have a playful nature and can easily adapt to different people and environments.

If you’re lacking the Water element within you, you may feel disconnected from your emotions, intuition and ability to “go with the flow” of life. Here are 3 simple steps to connect to Water…

3 Steps to Connect to Water:
  1. Take a refreshing breath in through your nose, out through your mouth.
  2. Imagine yourself in your favorite body of water.
  3. Repeat the affirmations: I am nurturing. I am adaptable. I am empathetic. I am playful. I am intuitive.

If you have too much of the Water element active within you, you may take on other people’s emotions as your own, and as a result feel drained and incapable of nurturing your own well-being. Take a deeper dive below into all the ways you can balance your Water element.

Balancing Your Water Element Through Your Body, Mind and Energy

Your Water Body needs nourishing, tasty meals with highly conscious portions. Great vegetable choices include beets, carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, and asparagus. Your best fruit choices are apples, apricots, and figs. Grains such as buckwheat and soba noodles will make you feel satisfied. Suggested oils are olive and almond. Spices and herbs like cumin, turmeric, cardamom, nutmeg, fennel, dill help reduce inflammation. Enjoy hibiscus tea, hot or cold. Go easy on the dairy and remember to make lunch a priority– this should be your biggest meal of the day. Have a light, early dinner. When possible, get regular lymphatic drainage massages.

Your Water Mind needs nourishing activities like painting, dancing, and being in a social circle. Veering from your usual routine will reinvigorate your flow. Travel to a place you’ve never visited. Wake up to the sound of music. Wear clothing that is colorful, light, and flowing. 

Your Water Energy needs loving, heart-centered meditations. Water natured people are generous with an outward flow, resulting in the need for strong, self-care practices. Chakra balancing, and restorative practices are fundamental to your wholeness.

Water Sense: Taste

Water Chakra: Sacral

Water Energy Field: Emotional Energy

Water Therapy: Practice fluid, healing movement (such as KINRGY X), enjoy an exquisite meal with friends, bathe with essential oils, and paint

Water Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang

Water Crystals: Garnet, Ruby

Water Ayurvedic Dosha: Pitta and Kapha

Water Hand Mudra: Pointer finger

Water Sound: OM, VAM

Water Sound Frequency: 528Hz – 417Hz

Water Moon Phase: Waning moon

Water Season: Spring

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Anna Dickson

Movement Artist and Wellness Educator