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Find Out Your Unique Elemental Constitution

by: Anna Dickson
5th February - 2021 / 3 min read

We are Nature by Nature.

All the natural elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air – live both around us and within us.  When we connect with the elements, we tap into the most natural and authentic version of ourselves. 

Take this quiz to discover your unique elemental constitution, what it means, and how to find balance and harmony within your daily life. 

To find out your elemental constitution, download the QUIZ here!

Understanding Your Elemental Constitution

  • Highest score = your  primary element
  • Second highest score = your  secondary element
  • Third highest score = your  stabilizing element
  • Fourth highest score = your  harmonizing element

Your primary element is your social nature. The qualities of this element reflect how you most commonly show up in a social setting, and how you are most commonly perceived by others.

Your secondary element is your core self. The qualities of this element represent your inner understanding of yourself, how you operate when you’re alone, and what YOU know to be true about who you are.

Your stabilizing element is your strength. The qualities of this element stabilize you and connect you to your inner-power and strength.

Your harmonizing element is your balance. The qualities of this element bring your mind, body and spirit back to equilibrium.

The Power of Balance

To tap into your creativity, power, and purpose, combine the elements within your unique constitution as shown below:

Highest creativity = your primary + secondary element

Authentic power = your secondary + stabilizing element

Soul’s purpose = your stabilizing + harmonizing element

The more we understand how we live and express through the elements, the more balance and harmony we foster within our daily lives.

Let’s return to what’s natural and reconnect to our true nature, true power, and true self. 

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Anna Dickson

Movement Artist and Content Creator