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Your body is talking. Are you listening?

by: Jaime Hollander
23rd March - 2021 / 4 min read

Hear it. Trust it. Transform it.

Our bodies are talking to us daily through movement, through pain or pleasure responses, and through the quality of external elements like our hair and skin. By deeply connecting with your body and listening to its varying needs, you can create a stronger, healthier relationship with yourself. With intention and practice, you can become a better expert of your own body.

Embrace Your Expertise
Many Western wellness regimens teach us to listen to others when it comes to taking care of ourselves. While professional medical guidance can certainly be critical in dealing with specific diseases, injuries, or ailments, it’s important to remember that those kinds of outside influences are just one piece of the larger wellness puzzle.

Outside commands take us outside of our bodies.

Tune into your body and embrace the expert that you are by being aware of how it feels to live in your body everyday. Having deep engagement with your own body can help you amplify your inner voice—not the voice of others—when it comes to speaking for your body and its needs.

“Having deep engagement with your own body can help you amplify your inner voice—not the voice of others—when it comes to speaking for your body and its needs.”

Take Action and Listen
We believe that everyone can tap into their body’s language — no linguistics or medical degree required!

• Start with simple things you can control, like checking in with your body and how it feels. Is your body craving a quiet moment of meditation? Be gentle with yourself and embrace a day of slowing down. Is your body desiring an energetic KINRGY class? Fuel up and invite your body to move.

• When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re tired, rest. Answering your body in this natural way can help create a routine of listening to and learning more about it. Every day, your body will speak up through your gut instinct, or your second brain, as we like to call it. When it does, supporting what you hear is one of the most powerful ways you can take care of yourself.

• Reclaim the childlike wonderment of letting your hair down and letting your body lead you freely in movement. Try one of our on-demand KINRGY X classes, where our Guides provide energizing and simple ways to get out of your head and into your body.

Start with Ulato’s 40-minute, full-body KINRGY X Class where the combination of intentional movements, breathwork, and dance allows you to tap into your imagination and reconnect with your truest self. When you’re done, take a moment to reflect on how your body feels and how it’s responding to the different movement and breathing techniques. Do more of what feels invigorating to your body and continue to listen to how it responds. This creates an important dialogue with yourself from the inside out.

Know Your Body, Know Yourself
You carry your body around every day — through the ups and downs. Don’t let outside voices overpower your inner voice. By trusting that you know your body, tapping into how it responds to movement and rest, and actively supporting its needs, you’re well on your way to more fulfilling fitness and wellness activities in your life!

We all know being an active listener is one of the best things you can do to create deep and healthy relationships with others. It’s time to listen to your own body and cultivate this same relationship with yourself.

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Jaime Hollander