Dance is our

We are born knowing our bodies are designed to move - our pure expression is revealed through dance. The freedom, joy and power of that dance creates gravitational waves that can be felt across the world. This is where we expand our true power and connect to one global family.

Driven by the

Julianne Hough has brought together a cross-disciplined team of experts to create a proprietary, professionally choreographed lifestyle that transcends fitness. KINRGY wakes up your inner dancer via a rhythmically-based series of proven fitness techniques which are fused into one 45-minute, ultra premium, whole-self fitness session. The innovative approach is rooted in the latest science of dance, with aspects of yoga, Tai Chi, and plyometrics. It's an intuitive journey that's challenging yet easy to follow and enjoy.

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Earth represents stability, potential and stillness. Sculpting and toning our legs, grounding ourselves, connecting to our breath, surrendering our mind to our body.


Dynamic choreography that stimulates the mind, igniting the confidence and power that’s already within us.


Elongating and stretching our muscles with resistance and flow connecting to our emotional field and playing with our sensual energy.


Full body, high energy and unstructured movement releases everything that’s been built up. Allowing you to create space to feel connected to your body and feel completely free.